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Feed-in tariffs – selling renewable electricity to your retailer

A feed-in tariff pays you for electricity generated and fed into the main grid by your small-scale solar panel, wind or hydro system.  It does not apply to off-grid systems.

The Clean Energy Regulator does not administer feed-in tariffs and cannot answer questions about applying for a feed-in tariff.  However, the following information may be helpful to start your research.

  • You will need to apply to your electricity retailer to receive the feed-in tariff. Please contact your electricity retailer directly for information regarding the application.
  • The Clean Energy Council’s Consumer Guide to buying household solar panels outlines some important questions to ask your electricity retailer about your feed-in tariff agreement.
  • Your state government sets and administers feed-in tariffs. Contact your state government regarding the current feed-in tariff in your state.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales (previously known as the Solar Bonus Scheme)

Northern Territory (known as the Solar buyback program)

Queensland (known as Solar Bonus Scheme)

South Australia


Aurora Energy
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Western Australia

Department of Finance
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Date last updated: 06 Mar 2013