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Information for Agents and Installers

Opportunity to comment on inspection findings

On completion of each inspection, the inspector must prepare an inspection report. If the inspector identifies safety risks or issues of non-compliance with the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 a letter will be sent to the person/s who designed or installed the system and who created certificates for the unit.

The letter will allow the person/s concerned the opportunity to provide written comment on the findings – these comments may include advice on how the identified safety risks/non-compliances will be rectified.

In the case of agents, the comments may include advice on the steps taken to ensure the accuracy of information relied on to create certificates.

Please note that if you do not agree with the comments made by the inspector, you should state that you do not agree and provide your reasons for not agreeing. You are entitled to seek further information from the inspector as to the nature of any stated non-compliance.

Any comments will be taken into account before finalising the inspection report and providing it to the Clean Energy Regulator.

If you have concerns relating to the manner of the inspection or the way you have been treated by an inspector, please contact the Clean Energy Regulator.

The Regulator must provide a copy of the final report to interested parties under Regulation 44. This process can take several weeks. Interested parties are the owner of the unit, the occupier of the premises, the person who created the certificates for the unit and the designer and installer of the unit. A copy of the final report is also provided to the Clean Energy Council and to the relevant State or Territory Regulators responsible for electrical and building safety.

If the designer, or installer is subject to an adverse finding in an inspection report on more than three occasions, the Regulator may declare that person ineligible to design and install small-scale solar panels, wind and hydro systems for 12 months, and may publish this information on the website under Regulation 47.

Agents who improperly create certificates may face penalties and prosecution under the Act.

It is possible that the Clean Energy Council or State or Territory bodies may take their own compliance actions based upon these reports.

More information

  • Further details of the matters for inspection are defined under Regulation 39 of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001 (the Regulations).
  • For more information regarding penalties and prosecution, visit the Compliance page.
  • For other information about the inspections program, please contact the the RET Inspections team on (02) 6159 3990 or

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Date last updated: 13 Aug 2012