REC Registry Account Wizard

If you encounter any problems using the REC Registry Account Wizard, or have a question that is not answered within this Wizard or the attached guides, please contact ORER by email at or by phone (02) 6159 7700

 Please do not use the "back" button on your browser or your progress will be lost. Any information you enter throughout the Wizard will be confirmed before being submitted to ORER.

Determine the account type you required Verify your identity (if required) Open REC Registry Account
1.Introduction 2.Small Units 3.Power Stations 4.General User/Liable Entity 5.Agent List 6.STC Clearing House 7.Submit
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New Account Process Already have a REC Registry account? Click here

This Wizard is split in to three parts:
  • Determine the type of account you require and register with ORER
  • Prove your identity (if required by your account type)
  • Register an account with the REC Registry

  • The whole process should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

    Determine the Account Type you Require

    This part of the Wizard will ask you several questions to determine what kind of REC Registry account best suits your needs.
    You can track your progress of this part using the bar at the top of the Wizard. You may find that working through the Wizard some steps are skipped,
    this is based upon your answers to previous questions.

    Are you registering as an Individual or an Organisation?

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