REC Registry

Legal Person Defined

A legal person is an entity through which the law allows a group of persons to act as one individual.

If you are registering as a Registered Person or Agent, your REC Registry Account name should be a Legal Person and, in the case of a company with an ACN, must match the name on the ASIC register. The table below illustrates examples of legal and non legal entities:



Must have an ACN and must match ASIC register


Must be established by legislation


Include entities registered (but not established) pursuant to Commonwealth or State legislation.


Cannot become registered

Roger Smith (not R Smith)

John and Julie McGregor (not Mr & Mrs McGregor)

Susan McIntyre and Rosemary Sprinkle

Green Energy Trading Pty Ltd

Aquasol Infrastructure Limited

Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001)

Brisbane City Council (City of Brisbane Act 1924)

Perth Building Society (Perth Building Society (Merger) Act 1983)

Any trade union that has been registered under the Fair Work Act 2009.

Businesses (with an ABN but no ACN)



Non-legal entities can become registered as long as there is a legal name in the account name. Account names that include the name of a non-legal person should begin with the legal person followed by the non-legal entity e.g.

  • Solar Works Pty Ltd trading as Gecko Solar
  • John Smith acting as trustee for The Bloggs Family Trust
  • John and Cynthia Smith Smith Partnership.

Note: If you wish to register an installation owned by another person in your Registry account, the account name must include the full name of the person for which you are registering the installation e.g. John Smith would be John Smith & Joe Bloggs.

Date last updated: 24 Oct 2011