List of Registered Agents

Registered Agents include retailers, installer, or traders who have applied and paid a fee to the Clean Energy Regulator so they can have small-scale technology certificates (STCs) assigned to them by system owners (such as householders). 

Registered Agents take responsibility and ownership of the STCs and provide owners with a financial benefit such as a discount of the invoice for a system. This occurs when owners assign their STCs to the agent by signing an STC Assignment Form after the system has been installed and is working.

The below list contains the contact details of Registered Agents who have elected to make their information publicly available.

Inclusion in this list is based on whether an Agent has elected to be included. The Clean Energy Regulator does not endorse any of these Agents and cannot provide a recommendation as to which Agent to use.

The information provided in this list is based on input from Agents and may change from time to time without the knowledge of the Clean Energy Regulator.

List of Registered Agents (PDF 219 KB)

Date last updated: 28 Sep 2012