How to sell STCs

This page explains how to sell small-scale technology certificates (STCs) through the open STC market and through the STC Clearing House.

Use this information if you have created STCs in the REC Registry against an eligible installation of a solar water heater, heat pump, small-scale solar panel, wind, or hydro system, and would like to sell those STCs.

Note that you don’t have to sell your STCs at all, if you choose not to.  

You may also choose to assign your STCs to a Registered Retailer/Agent prior to their creation.  See Assigning STCs for information.

Please note that STCs can only be sold to a person with an account in the REC Registry.

Before you sell

  • Ensure your STCs are correctly created and registered by the Clean Energy Regulator in the REC Registry.
  • Decide whether to sell STCs through the open STC market, or through the STC Clearing House. 
STC Market STC Clearing House
  • Not controlled by any single entity.
  • Seller must find a buyer and negotiate sale directly with them.
  • Price is set by market and fluctuates with the market.
  • Payment is made directly between seller and buyer.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator does not set the price of STCs and does not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.
  • Managed by the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Buyers and sellers are in one place; no choice or negotiation required.
  • STCs are added to Transfer List and sold when there is a buyer.
  • There is no guarantee on how long STCs will take to sell.
  • Price is set at $40/STC (excluding GST).
  • Payment is made by direct deposit into the STC Clearing House account.
  • For more information see STC Clearing House.

How to sell through the open STC Market

  • Buyers may be RET liable entities (usually electricity retailers) or STC Traders, who specialise in the management of STCs.  You can find them by doing a web search for “REC traders” or “STC traders”.
  • Sale of STCs is a contract for the sale of goods.  Ensure there is proper paperwork accompanying the sale.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator does not set the price of STCs and does not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.

The process is as follows:

  1. Find a suitable RET liable entity, STC trader, or individual who will purchase your STCs. 
  2. Negotiate quantity, price and payment method with your purchasers.
  3. Enter agreement to sell with your buyer.
  4. Receive payment.  Payment negotiations must be conducted outside of the REC Registry.  The REC Registry does not have any payment facilities for transfer of STCs through the market.
  5. Transfer STCs to the buyer, as follows.
  6. Open the REC Registry and log in with your username and password.
  7. Select “REC Transfers” --> “Offer RECs for transfer” from the menu:

  8. The “Offer RECs for transfer page” will display:

  9. Find available STCs using the filters.
  10. Find the Account Name of the purchaser.  Use “Search” if required.
  11. Type in the number of STCs to be transferred.
  12. Add in a note if desired.
  13. Click “Initiate Transfer”.
  14. Confirm the transfer by clicking “Confirm”:

  15. You will be returned to your Account Summary with a confirmation of the successful transfer:

  16. The transferred STCs are listed in the account summary.

  17. When the receiving account accepts the transfer, the STCs will be removed from your listing.

How to sell through STC Clearing House

You must have completed the Account Wizard online and have a REC Registry account in order to sell STCs. If you have an existing REC Registry account and need to upgrade your account to obtain STC Clearing House access visit upgrade

For general information visit STC Clearing House.

Please note: If there are no available buyers the STCs will remain in the STC Clearing House Transfer List until a buyer is available.

  1. Open the REC Registry.
  2. Log in using your user name and password.
  3. Select “STC Clearing House” and click on ‘Sell STCs’ from the drop down list.


  4. The ‘Offer STCs for Sale’ screen is displayed.

  5. Enter the number equal to or less than the total number of STCs in your holding in the ‘Number of STCs to Offer for sale’ field. 
  6. Click ‘Sell STCs’.  A warning screen will display:

  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm sale or ‘Back’ to return to the previous screen.
  8. Read the Terms and Conditions and click on the check box to confirm acceptance.

    Click on ‘Confirm’.  A confirmation message will display:

  9. When your STCs are purchased (either the entire block, or part of a block), you will receive an email about their sale.  It will indicate how many STCs were sold in that transaction.  If your STCs are sold in separate sales, you may receive multiple emails.
  10. The payment for the sale will be deposited into the bank account nominated by you in the STC Clearing House.


Date last updated: 18 Oct 2012