Selling small-scale technology certificates

The information below explains how to sell small-scale technology certificates (STCs) for the eligible installation of a solar water heater, heat pump, small-scale solar panel, wind, or hydro system, which have been created in the REC Registry.

You are not obligated to sell any STCs you have created, though selling your STCs will provide you with a financial benefit to offset the cost of buying and installing the system.

You may also choose to assign the right to create STCs to a registered agent—visit Assigning STCs for more information.

Note: note that STCs can only be sold to a person who has a REC Registry account.

Before you sell

  • Ensure your STCs are created and registered in the REC Registry.
  • Decide whether to sell STCs through the open STC market, or through the STC Clearing House.
STC Market STC Clearing House
  • Not controlled by any single entity.
  • Seller must find a buyer and negotiate sale directly with them.
  • Price is set by market and fluctuates with the market.
  • Payment is made directly between seller and buyer.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator does not set the price of STCs and does not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.
  • Maintained by the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Buyers and sellers are in one place; no choice or negotiation required.
  • STCs are added to Transfer List and sold when there is a buyer.
  • There is no guarantee on how long STCs will take to sell.
  • Price is set at $40/STC (excluding GST).
  • Payment is made by direct deposit into the STC Clearing House account.
  • For more information see STC Clearing House.

Selling through the open STC market

  • Buyers may be RET liable entities (usually electricity retailers) or STC traders, who specialise in the management of STCs. You can find them by doing a web search for “REC traders” or “STC traders”.
  • Sale of STCs is a contract for the sale of goods. Ensure there is proper paperwork accompanying the sale.
  • The Clean Energy Regulator does not set the price of STCs and does not get involved in disputes between buyers and sellers.

Selling through STC Clearing House

You must have STC Clearing House access in your REC Registry account to sell STCs. When you apply for registration to create your certificates you will also need to apply for Clearing House access if you choose to sell your STCs this way.

For general information visit STC Clearing House.

Please note: If there are no available buyers the STCs will remain in the STC Clearing House Transfer List until a buyer is available.

Date last updated: 15 Sep 2014